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UPDATE…miss me?


So it’s been a while since my last post, but I have by no means fallen off the face of the earth (it is in fact round).  Life has been good, healthy, and normal.  There isn’t much to report in regards to fighting the good fight.

But… I have embarked on a new journey and this is the reason as to why I’ve been absent.

When I start this just over 3 months ago, I had little knowledge as to where to start, and that was scary.  I am however a very good “googler” and I spent anywhere from 3-6 hours a night researching my next moves and the things I felt would help me live a healthier life.

In this time I came to a couple realizations, 1. There are websites with good content, but there is a lack of personal connection to the site or 2. The sites are smaller, well intentioned, but highly unorganized and not user friendly.
I’ve had the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned with everyone who expresses their desire to improve certain things about them and I’ve met all sorts of people who have taught me so much.

So it all hit me one day….why don’t I combine my new found passion for healthy living with my passion for web/graphic design. This is why I have started LYF – Live Yours Fully.  LYF is a website about journeys, about taking that first step, and about having a place that supports your new choices in life.
Studies show that 95% of all “dieters” fail within 1-5 years with the main reason being that they lack a surrounding support system of like minded people.  While some may say “well there’s facebook groups”, but studies also show the content in your feed on Facebook actually effects your mood.  If you are being bombarded with negativity in your feed…that will effect you, and lets be honest, most things on Facebook are negative.

In the last couple weeks I have been hooked up with some professionals with very impressive resumes who want to contribute to the sites content.  We are currently coding out the site and meeting with potential contributors and the goal is to have the site live in the next 60-90 days.

For now, you can sign up on line to learn more about the launch of the site and participate in giving feedback to help us better develop the site.

If you are interested, please visit www.liveyoursfully.com and feel free to share it with anyone else.  You can also look for us on www.facebook.com/liveyoursfully

I look forward to launching this site and hopefully some of you reading this blog become LYFer’s along with us!

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Update 1

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started making changes in my life and today I can say I’m proud to have started this journey. It hasn’t been easy and it’s still only the start…but i feel good of the direction I’m headed.

In the first 3 weeks I’ve been able to achieve the following:
1. I haven’t eaten a single man made food product (candy, snacks, etc)
2. I haven’t eaten out once or had carry out
3. I haven’t had a single sip of pop or any other unnatural or man made drinks or juices
4. I haven’t had a single sip of alcohol
5. I haven’t consumed any breads or dairy
6. I no longer suffer from any gout flare ups
7. I have not had any heartburn or mid day exhaustion
8. I am down 15 lbs
9. I’ve been moving around more comfortably
10. My stress levels have decreased

Thats about it for now….I start working out come Monday where I hope for the lbs to start melting off and my energy level to sky rocket. I know I’ll hit some sticking points but I can’t wait to test out some theories on my body and break through those walls.

I’m excited for the direction I’m headed and for the improvements I’m making.

I’ve also signed up to volunteer at a pet rescue in Chicago coming this next month. It will be nice to get out there more, meet new people, do something different, hang out with some dogs!, and help a good cause.

I hope anyone reading this has identified a change they would like to make for themselves and are striving towards being a better version of who they currently are. Please continue to share!

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