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Why I’m a “Good Hugger”…

This post has more of a subtle title than what it’s actually about…this post will actually mark the most significant realization in my life that I have ever had.

Yesterday I went to my first reiki (ray-key) treatment, reiki is the practice of energy healing that centers on the manipulation of ki (or ones life force). I joined a study being done by a woman who is focusing on athletes with injuries, so I’ll be doing 5 sessions every other day and then a session ever week for a total of three weeks. The woman has 25 years experience of practicing reiki and she’s just doing this to get a better understanding of how athletes heal.

Now to most people I understand how this may sound like some psychic, mumbo jumbo but the way I look at it is that our body has the ability to heal better than any drug on the earth, but our mind is the one thing that stops us from doing so (as well as all the refined and processed foods we eat). The experience I had yesterday was that my mind moved out of the way, the flow in my body was for once was not disturbed and I was allowed to feel things I had never once felt, thus allowing my body to take interest in those areas.

As I lay on the table going through the treatment, I felt a calm that had never been felt in my body, it’s as if my mind left my body and all I was, was this ball of energy.

From the first moment I stepped in to the room and started talking to her, I felt a sensation of “pulsing” and my vision was getting a little narrow. This is where people begin to think things may be a little weird, but if you really think about it, is it?

She had felt that I had a very strong energy, much stronger than anyone she had met in a long long time. Throughout the process she had to stop several times b/c she couldn’t tell if it was her that was giving off such strong energy or if it was me. In which she felt it was me. So think about it…what attracts you to people? When you first meet someone and there’s that “thing” that you can’t explain about them, but it draws you to them, makes you feel safe, and comfortable. Well, that is their energy. Some give off a stronger energy than others and some give off a negative energy that doesn’t compute well with others.

So after coming to and making sense of what I just went through and listening to everything she said without telling her about my self, my life started to make sense. She had mentioned two things that slightly weirded me out but also confirmed thoughts I was having at that time.

1. My touch: She mentioned that I had a very affectionate touch. This is not the first time I’ve heard this, in fact, I hear this all the time. I’ve heard for a very long time now that I give the best hugs, so I always thought “well maybe I have good hugging technique”, I don’t know…it never made sense till now. But if I do have this strong energy that people are drawn to, then it would make sense why people feel something when I hug them or touch them. I’ve obviously only heard this from women b/c dudes don’t sit around saying “hey bro, that was a great hug”. But I’ve always had the ability to shake a guys hand and know exactly what kind of person they are going to be and if we’re going to get along. I felt their energy without even knowing it and that’s why some people I know right away to stay away from and when others are going to be good, decent people.

2. My eyes: She had mentioned my eyes, she said I had very glowing eyes with a strong presence that easily drew her in. Now, I never thought my eyes were anything special, but the thing is, it’s not the first time I heard this within this week. So that kind of took me by surprise.

3. Natural Leader: My whole life teachers use to tell my parents about how I was a role model, how I could be a good example for other kids, but that I wasn’t living up to that. I found out much later in life that I was dyslexic and this is why I struggled in school for the most part. But, I’ve never had a fear or issue being the leader when it came to projects, sports, or anything else. I’ve always been able to step to the front, device an idea or strategy, and have the support of others. People easily trust me and I’ve noticed a lot of people come to me for advice. Now, I don’t know everything about the world, but when someone comes to you with honesty and opens up, it’s just very easy for me to listen and give back my honest and sincere opinion, whether it be good or bad.

I understand that people won’t be open to this idea, but if you do have an open mind, the concept of how we attract others and are easily attracted to other, why some people just make us feel comfortable and others don’t…is something we all experience. And I now believe it has to do with our energy that we give off. We all have the ability to feel it, but if I can control my energy, I believe there is nothing I can’t do.

I also now have a much clearer view on who I am and I have a much stronger connection to nature. I am a being from which I derived from nature and I now feel and understand why it is that we feel most comfortable/relaxed when we are outside. If you can connect with nature, then you can connect with yourself. When you can remove your mind from the scenario, your body can heal in the way it was meant to. Our mind is our greatest asset, but also our greatest enemy at times.

Do I feel like I have the ability to heal with my energy? I don’t know, but I know that I have been blessed with the gift to inspire others, to make them feel comfortable, to lead by example and with words, and to draw out things from people they thought they weren’t capable of doing. There’s a reason I easily draw people to me and they feel comfortable with me almost immediately, but at the same time others are easily intimidated by me, and I feel this is why. I am no one special, but I had my eyes opened last night and my life makes more sense than it ever has, and I can’t wait to continue down this path and see where it takes me.

Some of you will say “this guys crazy” and I’m okay with that. But the ignorance we live with is the reason we don’t move forward in life. Life is simple and that’s what I’m starting to understand.

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