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UPDATE…miss me?


So it’s been a while since my last post, but I have by no means fallen off the face of the earth (it is in fact round).  Life has been good, healthy, and normal.  There isn’t much to report in regards to fighting the good fight.

But… I have embarked on a new journey and this is the reason as to why I’ve been absent.

When I start this just over 3 months ago, I had little knowledge as to where to start, and that was scary.  I am however a very good “googler” and I spent anywhere from 3-6 hours a night researching my next moves and the things I felt would help me live a healthier life.

In this time I came to a couple realizations, 1. There are websites with good content, but there is a lack of personal connection to the site or 2. The sites are smaller, well intentioned, but highly unorganized and not user friendly.
I’ve had the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned with everyone who expresses their desire to improve certain things about them and I’ve met all sorts of people who have taught me so much.

So it all hit me one day….why don’t I combine my new found passion for healthy living with my passion for web/graphic design. This is why I have started LYF – Live Yours Fully.  LYF is a website about journeys, about taking that first step, and about having a place that supports your new choices in life.
Studies show that 95% of all “dieters” fail within 1-5 years with the main reason being that they lack a surrounding support system of like minded people.  While some may say “well there’s facebook groups”, but studies also show the content in your feed on Facebook actually effects your mood.  If you are being bombarded with negativity in your feed…that will effect you, and lets be honest, most things on Facebook are negative.

In the last couple weeks I have been hooked up with some professionals with very impressive resumes who want to contribute to the sites content.  We are currently coding out the site and meeting with potential contributors and the goal is to have the site live in the next 60-90 days.

For now, you can sign up on line to learn more about the launch of the site and participate in giving feedback to help us better develop the site.

If you are interested, please visit www.liveyoursfully.com and feel free to share it with anyone else.  You can also look for us on www.facebook.com/liveyoursfully

I look forward to launching this site and hopefully some of you reading this blog become LYFer’s along with us!

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So this past week was not a good week, but in hindsight, it was a necessary pain to have gone through.  Last Sunday I went to the hospital in an insane amount of pain in my kidney and appendix.  I later found out that I have 2 kidney stones.  I first had thought it was my appendix but it turns out one of the stones was pushing against it, causing irritation.

This whole week was basically spent passing those stones, I’m not sure if I passed the second one, but after the passing the first stone on Thursday, I ended up in the ER again with intense pains.  Due to burning when urinating I have suspicion that I ended up passing the second stone because it broke down…I’ll later blog about this as it’s a longer story as to why I think this is the case.

Today was the first day I worked out again and I feel amazing.

Regardless of the fact to how shitty of an experience this past week was, there’s good to it.  What I went through was because for years I ate greasy foods and I consumed alcohol.  That is why I had kidney stones and it’s because of my journey to heal and rebuild my body that it was time for my body to push them out.  These are foreign objects and my body no longer wanted them.  I can tell you one thing, I never want to go through that again.  So now I have yet another life long motivation to carry with me.

Not every aspect of this journey is going to be positive, you have to endure pain at times and face adversity to learn and grow.  The one thing I realized from this is that regardless of all the new knowledge I have…I still have a lot of improvements to make.

So as of this week, including a week where I wasn’t able to do any working out and I had to drastically change my diet, I am still down 40 lbs.

Am I proud of this, kind of, but I’m not satisfied by any means.  There’s so much more I can do and now after going through this my eyes are opened as to how deep I need to really go.

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The past week I’ve been a little derailed in my journey due to 2 kidney stones but this gave me time to slow down and think about some things that I’ve been wanting to follow through on.

I did a lot of thinking about squandering the gifts we are naturally given in life.  When I was about 5 years old, I came to realize my first gift and my first passion in life.  I remember it like it were yesterday.  I don’t recall what I had done, but I was grounded as usual.  So while in my room and laying in my bed, I decided to draw one of the ninja turtles on my ninja turtles bed sheet.  This drawing was not like that of what most 5 year olds would produce.  I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, but I knew that days that I found something I liked….maybe that’s why I always got grounded? so I could draw in my room?  It’s a reach but who knows….

I never gave up on it, I kept drawing and I knew my whole life that people were impressed by it.  I also vividly remember my sister asking me to help her on a project.  Turns out it wasn’t a project, but something she submitted in class for a drawing competition.  Needless to say, she won and “her” drawing was put on display.  Disclaimer: That story may be skewed a little due to me being really young and still bitter about it!  I kid, I kid.

My mom signed me up for a drawing class at the park district, I was very much against it, but I tried it out.  Needless to say, I only attended 1 class.  The teacher wanted to me to do all sort of grids and shapes to help create the perspective of the subject…a very common practice in drawing but that’s not how I worked.  I would just see things, find a point that felt right (usually an ear) and then just go from there.  My perspective was always flawless and while I did have to start over at times, usually it was a one and done.  When I got in to high school, I loved and hated the opportunity to take art classes.  I had to take all the basic stuff to get up in the more “freeing” classes.  Junior year I got in to AP Art (typically a senior class) and that’s when I really started to understand my gift.   AP art at our school was amazing, the teacher let us have a lot of control in regards to what we would create, she didn’t confine or limit us.  I came to the realization that I was given a gift to express my thoughts, that I could move people, and manipulate their thoughts and emotions….I could give them something to think about.   Maybe I was technically sound and I didn’t take classes like a lot of the kids to learn how to do different things and use different mediums.

My teacher and I had a very odd relationship, she once told me “I don’t like you as a person, but I love you as an artist” and she also took me aside one day and had expressed she felt I was one of the few students she had seen in all her years that could actually make it in the fine arts.

Now, my parents didn’t agree with this, they didn’t feel a degree in art would be something that I could make a living off of.  Now in life, I completely understand their thought process and I don’t blame them for wanting me to go to school for more practical applications.  They weren’t art people or creative types at all, they didn’t come from creative or artistic families, so they didn’t really understand that world and again, I don’t blame them.  Essentially they wanted what is best for me and to them, art wasn’t the path to take in life.

Today I also realize that was the day that I gave up on my gift of creating art with my hands that express what is going on in my head.  This is my fault and I only have myself to blame for not continuing to make art with my hands.

My life took a fun turn and led me back to being “artistic”, every day I get to use my gift to oversee the creative aspects of my business.  People love us because they have ideas, but they don’t know how to make them happen.  One of the things we do best is taking their ideas and not only making them come to life, but we better them in the process.  I’ve always had this gift to hear someones idea, no matter how detailed or vague it may be and then get 10 ideas in a matter of seconds as to how we can make it happen, improve it, or go in a different direction.  I’m blessed to have this gift, it’s just how my brain works and I truly feel this is a big reason why our company (my father and I) has gotten to where it has…don’t worry, I’m not taking all the credit, it’s been an amazing partnership, tho it sometimes reflects that of the Tuttles on American Chopper….

There’s a “but” to this story.  As much as I love what I get to do every day and how I get to be creative,  I have come to realize that I gave up on a dream and the gift I was originally given, the gift to create something that expresses myself and manipulates peoples thoughts and emotions.

So my goal is to get back to painting and creating in general.  Creating concepts and ideas that come from within my head and from my heart.  Ultimately I would like to do things that get shown in galleries, I don’t know how the things I create will be accepted, mostly because I don’t have a “fine arts degree” or because I’m not trained.  But that’s not something that I will let prevent me from trying.

What are the gifts you were given in life and have you given up on them?  If so, I encourage you to find them again and fit them back in to your life.  We were given these gifts for a reason, don’t be afraid to use them.

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Changing Change?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “change” lately and I’m starting to realize that change is a word that often comes with negative connotation. A vast majority of people walk around thinking change is not necessary in their life, but they will also be the first to complain when something isn’t going their way or when a negative scenario comes about in their life. These people ask questions in their head that starts with “why…” and usually have the word “me” in it.

So the question I pose is “why” not change? Why is change such a negative thing? Why does change have to be hard?

Maybe the word is deceiving because when people think about change, they think they have to go to all these extremes and totally flip over their life. I now know that this isn’t the case.

I suggest you no longer use the word change, but instead use the word “improve”. Improve your life by becoming the person you see yourself as deep down inside you.

That little voice in your head that you often hear saying “I wish I would have done _______ differently” or “I wish I would have tried _________”. Those thoughts are coming from the real you, the you that wants to be better and try/do new things. It’s the more adventurous, energetic, personable side of you.

Yes, you will have to look at how you’re living your life, the routine you’re in, and the habits you’ve formed over the years. You’ll have to do things differently, you’ll have to take risks, and most importantly, you will have to fail. When you fail, you will have to push forward and keep letting that voice guide you.

These past couple months, every person I’ve met who I’ve talked to about the things I’m doing have all said “I wish I could work out more”….”I wish I could eat better”. None of us go through life not having these thoughts about “change”. So instead of relying on self pity and asking yourself the “why me” questions, ask yourself “how?”.

How do I become the person I see myself as deep down? How do I achieve my goals? How do I improve my life? Then put a plan in action and give it your all. No one ever got somewhere in life by putting in 50% effort, if you put in 100% effort then you will be rewarded. Plain and simple, that is how life works.

Since I don’t want to just sound like someone who is preaching, I figured I should share the improvements I’ve made over the last couple months, feel free to continue reading and ask any questions if you’d like:

1. Get rid of my Gout – I was going on almost 3 months straight of having a gout flair up and I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor again for meds so I just let it go. So for almost 3 months limping around in pain. When you have gout it feels like a broken toe and your toes is swollen and red. These last couple months my toes has been it’s normal size and no pain whatsoever.  I made it a personal goal to never suffer from this again.
2. I’ve become more open and honest about myself – Most all of this applies to my family.  For whatever reason, in my life I resorted to lying to them to try and get out of bad scenarios.  To be honest, I just don’t want to disappoint them and I thought I was slick, so I’d do whatever I could to get out of a jam.  I’m not a bad person, the things I’ve done to get in “trouble” in my life are miniscule compared to most people (never been arrested, no drugs, alcohol problems, violence, etc).  But when you lie over and over again, people lose trust in you no matter how small the lie may be.  I desire a better relationship with my family, I may be completely different from them, but they are my family and it’s become obvious to me that they don’t get me, because I haven’t given them a real chance to know me.  We are all very different, but I think that’s what makes us an awesome family b/c we all have different things to offer in life.
3. Cut my nails – I use to just let them grow and then bite them (horrible habit)
4. Cut my toenails! – Feet are disgusting but I love wearing sandals, which was ironic b/c I i would rarely cut my toe nails or pay much attention to washing my feet. I use to have this big thing of dry skin on my right big toe. After making improvements in my care for my feet that was gone within a couple weeks.
5. Stop Eating Out – Have I been perfect on this one, no.  I’ve eaten out several times during this whole process.  But you know what, I use to eat out 7 days a week virtually 3 meals a day.  How I did that, I have no clue….but it’s no wonder why I just had kidney stones to deal with.
6. Think before I talk – I was always one of those people who said the first thing that popped in to their head, but I started to recognize the trouble that was getting me in to.  So I’ve noticed myself slowing down, processing thoughts, and even speaking slower as I continue to still process exactly what it is I’m saying.  This has caused a lot less issues in my life.
7. Patience – This is definitely still a work in progress as I’ve always had a small amount of patience with people. But I’ve recognized that it brings unnecessary and added stress to my life.  A lot of people live in their own little world and they’ll never understand your view point or ever take the time to fully understand a situation.  In America, we’re consumers before anything else and technology has shifted the way we expect things in life.  I’ve accepted that a majority of people no longer read the information given to them, follow directions, or take the necessary time to solve a problem on their own.  Like I said, this is a work in progress b/c when running a business, you’re constantly put in scenarios of ignorance.  But I do know one area I’ve thoroughly improved in is handling situations that consider mistakes within the business, you can’t get flustered in front of employees, someone needs to keep calm and solve issues and I feel I’ve stepped up there.
8. Communication – This is yet another work in progress, but I’ve acknowledged that I use to do a horrible job communicating in general. Whether it be work related or personal,  I am doing a better job of just letting people know  “things”.
9.  Getting in a Routine – Don’t get me wrong, I fly by the seat of pants and I can do amazing things when in a time pinch.  But living like that takes a toll on your mind and body.  Routines are hard for the creative types, but I feel as if I’m achieving more on a daily basis by having some consistency in my day.  Organization is a whole other project for me!
10. Over Analyzing Situations: I’ve made huge strides in this department.  I’m genuinely an interested person and I ask questions because I care about people and I just honestly want to know things about them.  But at the same time, I had a tendency to over analyze and over thing their answers or actions.  I’d say the only recent hiccup I had was when I recently sent a girl flowers.  It was the first time I’ve sent a girl flowers, but this was the first time where I felt like it was completely necessary.  I sent them to her work and her texts were sporadic so I started to get all worried, thinking that it was the wrong move and that I probably embarassed her.  But of course, the situation was more simple than that, she was merely busy b/c she was in fact, at work…tending bar, on a Saturday night.  So yea, I’ve admitted that I can be an idiot and make myself think things that aren’t true and that helps absolutely nothing.   So for once, I’m finally enjoying getting to know someone b/c 1. She doesn’t mind that I ask questions and 2. I don’t dissect everything she says.  I just take it for what it is instead of looking for more.

There are plenty more things I could add to this list, but it’s starting to get a little long and I think you get the point.

The point is, I’m finally becoming the person I know I am meant to be.  Over the years I’ve picked up bad habits , half-assed a lot things, and been inconsiderate to how my actions effect my life and the people in my life.

For the first time in 28 years I feel like I understand who I am and how I work.  This is the first time I truly feel happy in multiple aspects of my life.  I realize this is going to be a long journey, but the reward well outweighs the risks that come with “change”.

I invite you to change the way you view the word change and you’ll start to become the person you were meant to be.  That first step won’t seem so hard anymore.

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UPDATE! (stairs, kidney stones, and a blonde)

So, I apologize for not posting in a while. Things have been CRAZY…extremely busy. I’ve been continuously working out in the mornings followed by reiki, acupuncture, and massages at night. Other nights I’ve been doing maintenance type workouts and some cardio. I’ve also been completely rearranging my condo, so that’s been a task of its own, but I’m happy with how things are going. I can’t wait to do up my balcony so it’s ready for the summer!

Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag… luckily it’s not the snag I thought it was.

On Sunday I went and did “the stairs” work out (128 ridiculous stone steps that are on an insane incline and all the steps are sized differently). On my way home I got an excruciating pain in my mid back, to the right side. I was also have an increasing horrible pain in my lower right stomach. I thought for sure I had jacked up my back but the more I talked to people they felt it was my appendix. I drove myself to the emergency room and after a few hours of being there, flirting with the CT Techs, and hangin out watching Old School, turns out I only have a kidney stone. The next day I followed up with a specialist b/c they saw some abnormalities in my appendix, but all was good. The stone is pushing up against my appendix which is causing some issues, but it’s getting better each day. Unfortunately I found out that I have a 2nd kidney stone just chillin in my kidney! I’m going to do some herbal treatments that should break it up.

It’s a small set back, but I can’t wait to get back to working out and as I stated before, this is about the long haul. So I’ll get back on it and keep going without ever looking back.

Other than that, everything else is going fabulous. A lot of the reason I started this blog was to get things out in the open, a way to deal with things and figure everything out. Unexpectedly someone has come in to my life who I feel I can open up to. I’m being smart this time around, but it’s nice to have someone around that I can confide in as well as someone who can give me shit if I start to waver in my thoughts. I’ve been pretty open about the reason I started this whole journey, so it’s nice to have someone in my life who supports me and genuinely wants me to succeed and who respects what it is I’m doing. There’s been a lot of people supporting me on all of this and I love them all for that. I can’t wait to get back on track and keep going.

No matter what life throws at you, I promise it can get worse. Take things in stride, deal with them properly, and then get back to work. There’s nothing you can’t deal with if you put your heart and soul in to it.

I hope everyone has been having beautiful and peaceful days, we all deserve it. If you’re not, step back, evaluate and make the changes you need to get there.

Take care!

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Why I’m a “Good Hugger”…

This post has more of a subtle title than what it’s actually about…this post will actually mark the most significant realization in my life that I have ever had.

Yesterday I went to my first reiki (ray-key) treatment, reiki is the practice of energy healing that centers on the manipulation of ki (or ones life force). I joined a study being done by a woman who is focusing on athletes with injuries, so I’ll be doing 5 sessions every other day and then a session ever week for a total of three weeks. The woman has 25 years experience of practicing reiki and she’s just doing this to get a better understanding of how athletes heal.

Now to most people I understand how this may sound like some psychic, mumbo jumbo but the way I look at it is that our body has the ability to heal better than any drug on the earth, but our mind is the one thing that stops us from doing so (as well as all the refined and processed foods we eat). The experience I had yesterday was that my mind moved out of the way, the flow in my body was for once was not disturbed and I was allowed to feel things I had never once felt, thus allowing my body to take interest in those areas.

As I lay on the table going through the treatment, I felt a calm that had never been felt in my body, it’s as if my mind left my body and all I was, was this ball of energy.

From the first moment I stepped in to the room and started talking to her, I felt a sensation of “pulsing” and my vision was getting a little narrow. This is where people begin to think things may be a little weird, but if you really think about it, is it?

She had felt that I had a very strong energy, much stronger than anyone she had met in a long long time. Throughout the process she had to stop several times b/c she couldn’t tell if it was her that was giving off such strong energy or if it was me. In which she felt it was me. So think about it…what attracts you to people? When you first meet someone and there’s that “thing” that you can’t explain about them, but it draws you to them, makes you feel safe, and comfortable. Well, that is their energy. Some give off a stronger energy than others and some give off a negative energy that doesn’t compute well with others.

So after coming to and making sense of what I just went through and listening to everything she said without telling her about my self, my life started to make sense. She had mentioned two things that slightly weirded me out but also confirmed thoughts I was having at that time.

1. My touch: She mentioned that I had a very affectionate touch. This is not the first time I’ve heard this, in fact, I hear this all the time. I’ve heard for a very long time now that I give the best hugs, so I always thought “well maybe I have good hugging technique”, I don’t know…it never made sense till now. But if I do have this strong energy that people are drawn to, then it would make sense why people feel something when I hug them or touch them. I’ve obviously only heard this from women b/c dudes don’t sit around saying “hey bro, that was a great hug”. But I’ve always had the ability to shake a guys hand and know exactly what kind of person they are going to be and if we’re going to get along. I felt their energy without even knowing it and that’s why some people I know right away to stay away from and when others are going to be good, decent people.

2. My eyes: She had mentioned my eyes, she said I had very glowing eyes with a strong presence that easily drew her in. Now, I never thought my eyes were anything special, but the thing is, it’s not the first time I heard this within this week. So that kind of took me by surprise.

3. Natural Leader: My whole life teachers use to tell my parents about how I was a role model, how I could be a good example for other kids, but that I wasn’t living up to that. I found out much later in life that I was dyslexic and this is why I struggled in school for the most part. But, I’ve never had a fear or issue being the leader when it came to projects, sports, or anything else. I’ve always been able to step to the front, device an idea or strategy, and have the support of others. People easily trust me and I’ve noticed a lot of people come to me for advice. Now, I don’t know everything about the world, but when someone comes to you with honesty and opens up, it’s just very easy for me to listen and give back my honest and sincere opinion, whether it be good or bad.

I understand that people won’t be open to this idea, but if you do have an open mind, the concept of how we attract others and are easily attracted to other, why some people just make us feel comfortable and others don’t…is something we all experience. And I now believe it has to do with our energy that we give off. We all have the ability to feel it, but if I can control my energy, I believe there is nothing I can’t do.

I also now have a much clearer view on who I am and I have a much stronger connection to nature. I am a being from which I derived from nature and I now feel and understand why it is that we feel most comfortable/relaxed when we are outside. If you can connect with nature, then you can connect with yourself. When you can remove your mind from the scenario, your body can heal in the way it was meant to. Our mind is our greatest asset, but also our greatest enemy at times.

Do I feel like I have the ability to heal with my energy? I don’t know, but I know that I have been blessed with the gift to inspire others, to make them feel comfortable, to lead by example and with words, and to draw out things from people they thought they weren’t capable of doing. There’s a reason I easily draw people to me and they feel comfortable with me almost immediately, but at the same time others are easily intimidated by me, and I feel this is why. I am no one special, but I had my eyes opened last night and my life makes more sense than it ever has, and I can’t wait to continue down this path and see where it takes me.

Some of you will say “this guys crazy” and I’m okay with that. But the ignorance we live with is the reason we don’t move forward in life. Life is simple and that’s what I’m starting to understand.

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