My Injuries

I recently turned 28 and I’ve always measure in just under or right at 6’4″. I’m not 100% sure on my weight, but I’m guessing around 350 lb. I plan on going for a physical on Tuesday so get all sorts of numbers/data that I can keep checking up on as I go through this journey.

As far as injuries go, I have two that constantly haunt me or effect the work outs I can do, the two are as follows:

1. Right Arm: When I was 14 I shattered my elbow and broke my humorous bone, it was a clean break…not a fracture. I had a 3.5 hour emergency reconstructive surgery and ended up with 2 metal plates on my elbow and 11 screws through out my arm. I spent 5 months in a hard cast and then did 9 months of rehab. About 6 weeks after my surgery, the metal plates cracked in my arm, right on the screws. This cause the bone to slip and instead of having another surgery, they felt there was enough cartilage around the bone to let it heal like that. During the surgery, to access the bone, they had to cut out half of my tricep, so obviously that means I only have half a tricep. Luckily I got back 85% of my range in my arm, but that still causes issues with certain exercises because I can’t lock out my right arm and it’s hard to put weight on it, but not so hard to push weight away from my body (i.e. bench press). Half way through my junior year of high school I started weight training for the first time ever and regardless of my arm, I was benching up towards the 500lb range, so I am able to build strength, but it’s also possible I was compensating for it somehow, most likely with arching my back and using my shoulders more. I don’t know, but I was addicted to power lifting for half my junior year and most of my senior year, until this injury happened:

2. Spring Break of my senior year I was instructed to lift the first 2 days and then take 5 off to rest my body. The morning I was suppose to go back to school, I got out of bed and immediately collapsed and had shooting pains down my back and left leg. Being my stubborn self, I toughed it out and got to school. The shooting pains were sporadic, there wasn’t one thing that would set them off. I was walking up to a friend sitting in front of his locker and nearly collapsed on top of him, which prompted me to go to the school nurse. Eventually I had an MRI and these were all the things I had wrong with my back:
– Micro tears throughout the muscles in my back
– Asymmetry through out my spine
– Dehydration through out my spine
– 2 slipped discs
– Pinched Nerves
– and something called Schmorl Nodes, which were described to me as indents in my spine.

No one ever suggested surgery, but I probably would have opted out because I’ve never heard anything good about back surgery. I worked with a chiropractor to everything realigned. Unfortunately ever since then, when I start to get in to a groove, I end up tweak my back somehow.

The last two times I tweaked my back to where it put me out of commission was:
– 3 years ago, at the gym with a trainer. I’m very hesitant to use a trainer b/c of this. He wasn’t listening to what I was telling him and he pushed me too hard without considering my conditions. I know there are better trainers out there, but I just don’t know if they get how to handle my back.
– 1.5 years ago, I was just picking up a box and of course did in a very lazy manner by not using my legs. That was actually the worse of the two because my spine felt like it was just stuck curving to the right. That one took several weeks to work out b/c we had to get the inflammation down. I’ve definitely been more conscious of lifting properly when it comes to random objects that you think aren’t that heavy.

That’s about that for my conditions. I’m only use to training very fast and heavy, lots of plyometric type work outs. After I got cleared with my arm by Junior year of high school, that’s when all the football coaches talked me in to playing. Junior year I started on the bench at 180 and within a year I was up to 500. I honestly can’t remember my squat, I stopped squatting b/c something was feeling off with my back (I should have gotten it checked out at that point), I was powercleaning 350lbs and I could shrug 650lbs (loved my shoulders). I’m just a hair under 6’4″ and at my best I was 270 with 18% body fat and I ran a 4.82 40 yard dash. So basically, cardio is not my thing. I always trained for speed, the only time we’d slow down was running the turns on the track. I do like the elliptical and the bike but once I get on a treadmill or a stair master, I’m done for rather quickly. The pounding and strain on my back just kicks in very fast.

I’ve been working on my posture a lot lately because that causes a lot of stress on my back but I do sit at a desk most of the day, so that doesn’t help.

I’ve been making a point to stretch every morning to loosen things up and I try to get up and walk around every hour.

I work at least 10 hours a day and there’s times where I’ll work around 16. I use to always work 16 but as the business has grown I’ve been able to delegate projects and not have handle things in every department. So the 10-12 hours is more typical now.

I don’t want to use either of these things as an excuse, it’s just something I need to be conscious of because it really can hinder my progress. If something does happen, I need to be smarter and not just revert back to eating bad and still try to do some things to stay active and get my heart rate up during the day.

That’s my ramble for now, hopefully it helps to know some of these things.

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