The Bible (the little things)

No…this isn’t that sort of bible, although the name is based around a belief I have towards the bible.

I’m by no means going to get in to religion, but I believe the bible is a tool to follow and help outline your life.

Therefore, I have been researching every muscle/muscle group of the body and compiling different workouts that I feel fit within what I’m trying to accomplish, and I’m putting them together in one book. So far this has been good for multiple reasons. I’m learning about the muscles that make up the human body, how each one works, and what functions it supports. I feel like if you know that, then you know the purpose of what you’re doing. Along the way I’ve been also learning about different precautions as well as developing a good idea as to how much and how often to work certain parts of the body so that they are proportionate as I develop.

This may be ignorance, but I never truly realized how much the glutes support your lower back and therefore, I’ve put more focus on them, as well as my core and I think it’s been a good 25 days since I’ve had any back pain in the last 10 years. This is the FIRST time I’ve actually been able to alleviate my back pain through work outs. (BIG Smile)

I also am starting to understand that, it’s about the little things. For example, do you have a double chin or a little extra fat under there you want to get rid of? Even some of the skinnier people I know have em…well, there’s about 12 workouts that help get rid of that. They aren’t something you’re going to do in the gym, but it’s something subtle you can do at home, or any time throughout your day actually.

It’s things like this that I’m learning and that is why I’ve instituted a “maintenance day”. On Saturday I’ve decided to do a full body workout focusing more on the little things that are secondary that we tend to over look.

I told someone I was working on my finger strength and they thought I was crazy. Well…we use our fingers all day long, in fact, I just used them to type these 380 words I just reached with the number 380. Finger strength is crucial to many little things, it’s going to make my lifts a little bit easier when I’m fighting gravity holding a heavy weight in my hand. I truly feel that finger strength could be the difference between on less or one more rep.

I always say it, but I don’t expect anyone to go to certain lengths, but just stop and think about where you’re maybe struggling the next time, break it down, and focus on the smaller muscles that are some times harder to target. In the big picture, it’s going to improve your core lifts, but don’t go crazy and treat them like they are a core muscle group.

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Dark Side of the Lense

I had the pleasure of coming across this video this morning and was blown away.  If you don’t feel something after watching this then I beg you to look deep inside yourself and reconnect with the world.

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So this past week was not a good week, but in hindsight, it was a necessary pain to have gone through.  Last Sunday I went to the hospital in an insane amount of pain in my kidney and appendix.  I later found out that I have 2 kidney stones.  I first had thought it was my appendix but it turns out one of the stones was pushing against it, causing irritation.

This whole week was basically spent passing those stones, I’m not sure if I passed the second one, but after the passing the first stone on Thursday, I ended up in the ER again with intense pains.  Due to burning when urinating I have suspicion that I ended up passing the second stone because it broke down…I’ll later blog about this as it’s a longer story as to why I think this is the case.

Today was the first day I worked out again and I feel amazing.

Regardless of the fact to how shitty of an experience this past week was, there’s good to it.  What I went through was because for years I ate greasy foods and I consumed alcohol.  That is why I had kidney stones and it’s because of my journey to heal and rebuild my body that it was time for my body to push them out.  These are foreign objects and my body no longer wanted them.  I can tell you one thing, I never want to go through that again.  So now I have yet another life long motivation to carry with me.

Not every aspect of this journey is going to be positive, you have to endure pain at times and face adversity to learn and grow.  The one thing I realized from this is that regardless of all the new knowledge I have…I still have a lot of improvements to make.

So as of this week, including a week where I wasn’t able to do any working out and I had to drastically change my diet, I am still down 40 lbs.

Am I proud of this, kind of, but I’m not satisfied by any means.  There’s so much more I can do and now after going through this my eyes are opened as to how deep I need to really go.

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10 Beers You Should Drink This Summer

Wanted to share this from an awesome site that I check out every now and again.  I no longer drink, but I enjoy good finds and supporting creative people of all platforms, art, photography, music, food, fashion, etc.

It’s just about time to clear your fridge of all those crazy strong imperial stouts you’ve got in there. Days spent out on the deck call for something crisp and flavorful without the quick-acting headache. Here are the 10 beers we think you should be drinking this summer.

1. Schlafly Summer Lager – Link
2. Russian River Supplication – Link
3. Founders All Day IPA – Link
4. Drake’s 1500 American Pale Ale – Link
5. Victory Summer Love Ale – Link
6. Dogfish Head Festina Penche – Link
7. Harpoon Summer Beer – Link
8. Sixpoint The Crisp – Link
9. Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils – Link
10. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon – Link

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