Alton Locke?

I wanted to take more time to explain who Alton Locke is and the concept behind “Becoming Alton Locke”. Alton Locke is a novel written by Charles Kingsley in 1850. Alton Locke is the story of a young tailor-boy who has instincts and aspirations beyond the normal expectations of his working-class background. He is intensely patriotic and has ambitions to be a poet. In the course of the narrative, Alton Locke loves and struggles in vain.

Physically, he is a weak man, but is able to encompass all the best emotions, along with vain longings, wild hopes, and a righteous indignation at the plight of his contemporaries.

I first grew drawn to the story Alton Locke probably 3 years ago when I randomly came across it. There’s something about his ambition to succeed at something he loves and his patriotism that caught my attention. Alton was also a tailor and considering that every day I work with clothing, I felt a more modern connection to him.

To me, the name Alton Locke has grown to be more of a symbol. It symbolizes the inner ambitions I have, to not only succeed at what I set out to, but to be a better person, a better brother, better son, and some day a better husband. To enjoy the unique things in life, to try things I normally wouldn’t, to be part of a higher class while still staying true to my middle class roots and never forgetting the lessons I was taught as a child.

The modern gentlemen to me is rare these, and Alton Locke symbolizes that for me. To become someone who dresses a little nicer, stands a little taller, watches out for the little guy, helps whenever necessary, who is knowledgeable, full of interesting stories and information, who is creative, and takes care of his loved ones and friends.

I haven’t told many people about this, I’ve actually really only told 1 person. I can understand the oddness of this, but sometimes we all need a little symbol to latch on to and identify with. I guess it’s about time I share it with others and really start to strive to become the things I know I’d like to become.

Feel free to ask any questions or you can just call me a weirdo, regardless, I will not judge you for your opinion.

One thought on “Alton Locke?

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